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Anne Berk, Master Knitter, August 19, 2021

Meeting Minutes, Kathleen Maguire, GBKG Secretary

President Suzanne Filbey opened our August meeting with 119 participants. We are now 235 members strong representing 18 states and 4 countries. Our membership continues to grow. Big thanks to Big Apple Knitting Guild members who joined us during our summer program. Hope to see you all at our September meeting. Please note our one-year membership cost is $45. It is time to renew and should be paid by September 23. We are pleased to announce that dues can be paid on our website,, through PayPal. Watch for additional renewal information. So happy that we were able to bring you our first summer program. The Board has been working hard scheduling meaningful professionals & has been making tremendous improvements to our website — listing events; show/tell projects; Guild info; & will soon offer a pay-on-line capability. The Public Pages are now available to view & next week we will be launching the Members’ Only section. Members’ Only will display our calendar & all Zoom links. Stay tuned & watch for an email with all instructions. Don’t forget to checkout our FaceBook page at GBKG Meeting Place. We have filed for non-profit status with the state & the feds which better reflects our philosophy & mission. We adapted & remained vibrant during Covid. Now that we are dealing with the Delta variant, we are not sure what the next year will bring. However, be assured that we will be there for our members - on line, in person or perhaps a combination of both. Cynthia Doherty, Program Chair/Vice President reported on upcoming events. Our next KAL starts on Monday, August 30 & will run through October 8. Please register for this Stephen West Knit Along. (Stephen will be our guest speaker in October.) KAL sessions will take place on Monday evenings from 6:30 - 8:00 pm & on Friday mornings from 10:30 - noon. This requires only one registration & participate as little/or as much as you like. Our next presentation will be hosted by Green Mountain Spinnery on Friday, September 17. They will take us through the complete process of the fiber, from the animal to the yarn shop. On Wednesday, September 22, Teresa McGonagle will present Steeking & this workshop will be complementary to our members. Steven West presents on Thursday, October 14. Gayle Rochm is scheduled for a 2-day workshop on October 22-23 & presentations from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible. Patty Lyons presents on November 18 & will talk about the Failures In Knitting and will conduct a workshop on Secrets of Sweater Success. Don’t forget, please continue to share suggestions on future presentations. We now have 2 ways for you to contact us: and Our distinguished speaker today is Master Knitter and Optometrist Anne Berk. Anne will lead us through a fascinating look back at “Knitting Publications through History”. A Master Knitter is a person who has successfully completed 3 levels of the The Knitting Guild Association certification program. There are approximately 350 Master Knitters world-wide. TKGA ( is the largest knitting association in the United States and is dedicated to providing education and resources to advance the mastery of the craft of knitting. FYI, GBKG is a proud member of TKGA. And we are honored to have a Guild member who is a Expert Knitter, Susan Drew. Susan was certified by completing a similar program at WEBS located in Massachusetts. Please let us know if anyone is a member of Master Knitters. Anne Berk is a designer and has been a knitting instructor since 1998 who specializes in Annetasia techniques. She has also published several publications including Annetarsia Knits, a reference book for learning to knit intarsia flat or in the round. You can learn more about Anne at Over the years, Anne has built an extensive knitting library; contributions from her crafty ancestors or acquired through her love of knitting. She reviewed numerous publications from 1885 to the present, a truly fascinating presentation. Prior to the 19th century, there were no knitting publications available and the skills were passed down orally through the generations. Changes began at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Pub’s on knitting and other hand crafts date back from the 1880’s; 1920’s; 1930’s; 1940’s; 1950’s; 1960’s ….. were reviewed. We have come a very LONG way. Thank you Anne for such a wonderful history lesson & we can now appreciate the improvements made to the fibers, needles/tools & patterns/techniques. Don’t forget, if you have any questions, reach out to Anne at In the afternoon, Anne led a workshop on her Annetarsia stranded knitting technique. Our lucky raffle winner was Debra Deutsch winning a Cascade Yarns Superwash Frog Sweater & Hat Kit. Congratulations Debra.

Cynthia W.Fri, Aug 20, 9:38 AM (2 days ago)

Amazing! I don't know how you do it! Thank you Kathleen. You are just awesome!

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