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Knitting for Good
March 2023

March is a Knitting for Good Month!

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if together we created a “community knitting movement” by everyone in the guild donating 1-2 items? 

I do realize that we are in very strange times BUT the need is still high for the two organizations we donate to.”

Boston Medical Center needs preemie and infant hats.


The Knitting Connection needs, hats, scarfs, cowls and mittens for ages 4-18. 

There will always be a need, that’s why GBKG created two Knitting for Good months:  March and October.  We are here to support you with 2 weekly Community Knitting nights on Monday and Wednesday evenings. For members who contribute 5 or more items, we will be having a drawing for a special door prize at our May luncheon.


Thank you and knit on.

Shelley Leahy,

Community Outreach Chair

Open to all both members and non-members for additional info contact:

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