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A handmade Shawl is a piece of fabric that has been knit, crocheted or woven fabric forming a crescent, triangle or rectangle shape. It may be called a Prayer or Comfort Shawl.  This handmade gift from the heart provides comfort, love, warmth, and peace to someone during a very difficult time. 

If you would like to put your hands to work making one, many free patterns are available online including at Ravelry.  

- Color and Yarn - whatever you are drawn to
- Pattern - again what you are drawn to simple or complex
- Shape: Crescent, Triangle or Rectangle

Completed shawl(s) should be sent to GBKG Member:

Anne Marie Turo
43 Westland Ave Unit 406
Boston, MA 02115

Each item received will be tagged with your first name, carefully folded and tied with satin ribbon. A small prayer will be placed inside each.  They are delivered to Brigham and Women's Hospital where the Chaplains distribute them to appropriate patients.

*If you have any questions contact: Ann Marie Turo

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