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Deborah Newton September 16, 2023

Develop a Garment Maker's Mindset:  Understanding basic Sweater shapes!

Have you been frustrated-- sweaters that don't fit? 

Are you a knitter who doesn't know anything about garment shapes?  

Do you know how a cap-sleeve differs from a raglan sleeve?   

What qualities does a dropped shoulder sweater share with a circular yoke sweater?   

What do all these shapes look like and how do they relate to your body?

Read schematic drawings more accurately to help you prepare for knitting!


Understanding basic sweater shapes can help you examine patterns more clearly, and help you make changes for better fit.  Become more satisfied with your sweater-knitting results!


Deborah Newton is an expert in garment shaping after 30 years designing for magazines, yarn companies and the fashion industry.  Deborah has been a regular presenter at our Guild over the years.  She lives in nearby Providence and teaches knitting and design related workshops.  

Ravelry:  deborahnewton

Instagram: deborahnewtonknits

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