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Introduction to Distitch

Distitch is an innovative knitting principle. It gives structure, warmth and strength, while
making your knitting strikingly beautiful.
1. In the theoretical part, you’ll learn the main features of the Distitch and its structure.
2. In the practical part you will be introduced to the following:
• Working basic knit DS and purl DS (published only in my book Distitch),
• Converting any conventional stitches to Distitches (published only in my book),
• Working basic Distitch crochet chain.
If you are interested in this new principle of knitting please visit my website where there is
a lot of information about Distitch. There are a few patterns available on Ravelry free to
download. I also loaded a lot of videos on Vimeo and Youtube.
The necessary handouts will be provided.

Technical requirements: knit/purl sts, cast-on, chain crochet
Skill level: Advanced Beginner
Homework: For sample cast on 12 sts, work 6 rows in garter stitch:
set-up Row 1 (RS): knit;
Row 2 (WS): purl.
Repeat rows 1&2 three times (8 rows of stocking stitch in total).
Supplies for class: Any yarn (DK or worsted weight, preferably non-splitty and in light
colours), two or three balls; three sets of needles (DPNs or circular):
1) to match the yarn (NR=1), NR is the Needle Ratio;
2) slightly thicker needles NR=1.25);
3) thick needles (NR=1.5).
For example: if your basic needles are size 3.0 mm, then two others will be 3.75 mm and
4.5 mm.
Two crochet hooks:
1) to match the yarn;
2) the thick hook.

  • For example: if your basic hook is size 3.0 mm, then the second will be 4.5 mm.

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